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Since the launch of Gift Mart International, creativity and innovation have been clear hallmarks of every piece of art designed with care, mastery, and remarkable uniqueness. This approach has given GMI a prominent position in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East as one of the leading manufacturers of antiques and art pieces that are part of various collections, each of which has a unique theme and distinct style.

In GMI, we see beauty in everything around us. Everything that appeals to our eyes and senses inspires us to come up with new and unique ideas, through which we reflect that beauty in artistic collections that offer our clientele an exceptional experience every time and stand out in their places and during their occasions. Distinguished with its contemporary spirit and its unprecedented creative mind, GMI has recently launched the Artfeena collection and added it to its dazzling art collection series.

Artfeena is a Saudi brand inspired by an innovative idea that aims to bring back to life a group of old pictures with its creative charming touch by converting those images into vibrant drawings, using the latest contemporary art drawing techniques in various high-end and environment-friendly pieces; thus, providing its clients all around the world with a real image of the level and quality of design and manufacturing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


A Charming Artistic Touch Harmoniously Captivating the Spirit of the Past and the Elegance of the Present

Artfeena comprises a number of fascinating works of art manufactured from the finest products in line with the highest quality standards. These works of art depict the most prominent moments of the ancient Saudi and Gulf history and showcase the striking beauty of Islamic architecture and the everlasting originality of Arab culture via the details adorning the masterpieces’ curves and surfaces.

With Artfeena, the choices are limitless, encompassing a wide range of colors, designs, and versatile and elegantly fashioned products arranged in a collection that professionally mixes originality and modernity in exquisite works of art.

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