Ceramic Bowl Riyadh Dekhnah Gate

How about a small multi-use bowl made of “Premium Bone Porcelain”ceramic for Oud, Jewelry or simply adornments? Feel its 24k gold-plated edges, its ceramic cover beautifully decorated with designs of a historical photograph of the Gate of Dekhnah that leads to Qasr Al Hukm, hand-painted with precision using colored brushstrokes technique, whith 24k gold-plated edges. It comes in a stylish metal box, adorned with the same paintings, along with a gift card.

173.00 SAR

Availability: 48 in stock

1 × Ceramic Coffee Cups Riyadh Dekhnah Gate

Availability: 49 in stock

125.00 SAR
1 × Ceramic Plate Riyadh Dekhnah Gate

Availability: 48 in stock

151.00 SAR
1 × Ceramic Mug Riyadh Dekhnah Gate

Availability: 50 in stock

111.00 SAR
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