Ceramic Bowl Riyadh Qasr Al-Hukm

How about a small multi-use bowl made of “Premium Bone Porcelain” ceramic for Oud, Jewelry or simply adornments? Feel its 24k gold-plated edges, its ceramic cover beautifully decorated with a historical snapshot of Qasr Al-Hukm and its view on Al Safah Square along with the bridge linking the Palace and the Grand Mosque, hand drawn carefully and meticulously using colored brushstrokes technique, whith 24k gold-plated edges. It comes in a stylish metal box, adorned with the same paintings, along with a gift card.

157.00 SAR

Availability: 44 in stock

1 × Ceramic Coffee Cups Riyadh Qasr Al-Hukm

Availability: 40 in stock

113.00 SAR
1 × Ceramic Mug Riyadh Qasr Al-Hukm

Availability: 45 in stock

101.00 SAR
1 × Ceramic plate Riyadh Qasr Al-Hukm

Availability: 49 in stock

137.00 SAR
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