Ceramic Plate This Is Unayzah

This elegant plate, that can be used for decoration or catering food, has a diameter of 27 centimeters and is made using premium bone porcelain, one of the highest quality ceramics, that is treated in furnaces in temperatures of up to 2,700°F. It was also meticulously decorated with delicately hand drawn motifs that depict the most renowned landmarks in this time-honored city, namely the Grand Mosque of Unayzah that is still standing to this day and the old city gates with unmatched talent.
Moreover, for an additional touch of glamour and luxury, it is framed with 24K gold water treated in temperatures of up to 1,000°F and presented in an elegant foam padded metal box for protection. This round box is adorned with drawings identical to those on the plate and contains a sumptuous gift card.

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